WCd DIY 4 Tile Leaning Sign Subscription
WCd DIY 4 Tile Leaning Sign Subscription
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WCd DIY 4 Tile Leaning Sign Subscription

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We are very excited to now offer our DIY Square 4 Tile Leaning Sign and set of 4 DIY  Tiles as a monthly subscription! These leaning signs and tiles are the perfect accent to your decor and the tiles are interchangeable so you can change them out for all the seasons and holidays!!  You will get the Square 4 Tile Leaning Sign and a set of 4 DIY Tiles kit with your first order.  Beyond that you will get 4 DIY Leaning Sign Tiles each month.  BONUS:  you get to choose the 4 you want!!
I won't paint every single set of tiles but I will go live and post videos in the group with tips and tricks and different techniques to use on your tiles.
PLEASE NOTE: Price listed in checkout will be for the starter kit ($38.00)+S&H. After this initial purchase the monthly commitment is ($28.00)+S&H for the 3 Sign DIY kit each month!
Your Subscription Starter Kit will include both a DIY Square 4 Tile Leaning Sign Kit and a set of 4 DIY Leaning Sign Tiles for your first month!!!
After the subscription starter kit you will get to choose the 4 Leaning Sign Tiles you like each month.  (We have many tile kits available and add more tiles each month)
You will also be added to the WCd DIY 4 Tile Leaning Sign Group on Facebook where I will post photos of the ladder tiles that are available to choose from each month.  I have lots of tile kits to choose from. I only have a few of the kits listed here.  I paint there occasionally as well. 
All kits will include Wood Blanks and Glue
(NO paint or brushes come with your kits)
DIY Leaning Ladder Subscription Starter kits: $38.00 plus S&H
(This includes the DIY 4 Tile Leaning Sign kit with stand and 4 DIY Tiles)
After your initial purchase the monthly price will go to: $28.00 plus S&H
(Only your first box with the starter kit will include the 4 Tile Leaning Sign kit with stand.)  (Your second month and beyond will only include the 4 DIY tile kits)
Shipping rate for US only is a flat rate $9.99 per month.
Outside of the US please message for shipping rates. 

When will my box draft?
All drafts happen on the 5th of the month

When will I receive my kit?
Kits are mailed by the 20th of each month. 
How long is the commitment?
Should you wish to cancel your subscription you must do so by the 25th of the month to allow us time to cancel the payment for your next months box.  If you cancel after the 25th of the month, you will receive the next months box and your subscription will be cancelled for all months going forward.
No refunds or exchanges are accepted!