Halloween 2021 Leaning Ladder Tiles (T002)
White's Creative Designs

Halloween 2021 Leaning Ladder Tiles (T002)

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Our Halloween Ladder Tiles make the perfect decoration.  The ladder tiles are awesome because they can be changed out from season to season!

All of our leaning ladder tiles are removeable so you can move them around whenever you would like! Each Kit will include an unfinished leaning ladder and 3 unfinished tiles. You may purchase the 3 tiles by themselves if you wish. (Select before adding to cart, price will automatically update!) 

Our Ladder/Tiles are made of lightweight hardwood!
Blanks only pieces do not include paint, brushes or glue  

(Ladders may only be purchased with kit)

Paint Party Ladder and Tile kit combo may be painted at Paint Parties.
DIY Tile kits are not available for Paint Parties.

Designs and photos are the property of White's Creative Designs.  

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