Ghost Porch Leaner/Door Hanger  (Boy) (H015)
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Ghost Porch Leaner/Door Hanger (Boy) (H015)

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Our cute little Boy Ghost Porch leaner/Door Hanger turned out super cute!
This design is available as an Adult design, a Kids design, an Accent design (for a wreath) and a Finished Design.

Adult Paint Party Price: $25.00
Adult DIY Kit: $28.00 ( blank, paint, bow, & hanger)
Kid Kit Price: $15.00 ( blank, paint, brushes, bow & hanger)
Accent Kit Price: $10.00 (no bow or hanger with the Accent design)
Finished Adult Design: $38.00 (painted blank, bow & hanger)

This design is made of light weight sanded wood and has been sketched for painting. Choose the colors that you would like to paint and make this design your very own! This design would also go great with your interior decorations.

You may personalize your adult design with vinyl for an additional $5.00. or you may now personalize with wood for an additional $7.00 (example- the Whites, Welcome etc...)
You may personalize your kids kit with vinyl for an additional $2.00 or wood for an additional $4.00.

This design and photo are the property of White’s Creative Designs.

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